Safety Sensitive

Many of our shipments include chemicals and other hazardous materials. As with all our cargo, safety is our chief focus and we apply best industry practices to all loads. Our years of experience in this arena have helped us to consistently develop and improve our safety procedures. We established our very own registered trademark that addresses our philosophy on safety and customer service, Delivering Safely … On Time!!!®

Empire Express is committed to continual improvement and excellence as a premier dry-van carrier of hazardous materials and extremely safety-sensitive products. We’ve worked together with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for over 23 years. We’re an ACC Certified Responsible Care® Partner and have been certified as a Signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code. We take safety seriously.

We deliver the highest level of service to each customer

Time Sensitive

Time sensitive freight has grown as an integral part of today’s business environment. It’s become more critical now that ever. We’ve implemented software to optimize our operations, reduce transit time and help us better focus on quality of service. We’re invested in on-board Anti-Theft protection for the loads we carry and satellite tracking on our tractors and trailers. These are just a few of the ways we address time sensitivity.


Empire offers dedicated services in refrigerated trailer and hazmat delivery using customer provided bulk ISO containers on Empire chassis. When it’s the best solution, we focus on solving our customer’s challenges with customized dedicated solutions. Ever since we secured our first OTR dedicated contract in 2012, we’ve offered OTR services, making use of the Empire Express backhaul network, saving costs to the client.


As a Responsible Care® partner, we are very selective in choosing which carriers to work with. The goal of Empire Express Logistics is not to be the largest broker in logistics but to be the safest. If a carrier does not meet our stringent qualifications we don’t select them as a partner. Our primary objective in logistics is to provide completely transparent, safe solutions and we deliver this through a select, highly reliable partner-carrier base.


For over a decade, Empire Express has been offering services across the border with Canada. We also have been running loads south of the border to Mexico with partner carriers for years. To make sure we are safe and secure as we move across the border, we actively participate in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). We take security seriously and we’re proud to be a certified C-TPAT carrier partner. Today, over 5% of Empire Express revenue comes directly from our cross-border Canadian operations. We look forward to continued growth and the opportunity to serve our customers in this area.

International Services
Equipment and Technology

Premium Equipment and Technology

Empire Express invests in the best equipment and technology available. We’re committed to operating in a way that benefits our drivers, our shipping partners, and our bottom line. The age of our average fleet truck is 25 months. The average trailer age is 60 months. All our tractors are equipped with DriveCam Event Recorders, Collision Avoidance Software, Satellite tracking, In-Cab Scanning and Navigation, and Omnitracs E-Logs. Our primary tractor is the Peterbilt 579 ultra-loft manufactured with Paccar’s MX-13 engine, condo-style cabins with 8 feet of headroom and even the industry’s largest mattress. Trucks are equipped with leather seats, Smart TVs, free Sirius radio, refrigerators, APUs and other comforts. We also offer the Bose Ride System to all drivers that opt for it.

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